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12 Lead ECG

Posted: 9/16/2014

ECG machines are very effective pieces of medical equipment in diagnosing whether or not a patient has heart disease. Symptoms such as heart pains or palpitations can be symptomatic of many things but through the use of 12 lead ECG, the exact nature of the problem can be pinpointed.

ECG machines work by detecting and recording the electronic impulses sent from the heart that can be detected in various nerve centers around the body. 12 lead ECG entails using 12 electrodes placed on various parts of the arms, chest, and legs of the body. This is the typical number of electrodes used by this type of medical equipment but sometimes up to 15 are used. For basic heart monitoring, as few as 3 can be used but this are not useful for diagnosing heart ailments. In order to properly record the impulses, the electrodes have to come in direct contact with the skin. This requires that the skin be clean and completely shaved.

A 12 lead ECG provides spatial data about the heart's activity and the electrical currents that it creates. Each of the 12 leads refers to a particular direction that the electrical charge is flowing. There are three main points that are used as basic orientation points for this kind of medical equipment: the left arm, the right arm, and the left foot. By monitoring the heart's electrical activity from these various points and mapping out the data, the ECG machines provide a detailed look at how the heart is performing. Doctors then compare this data to how the heart should be performing and can determine what is causing the discrepancies.

12 lead ECG machines are one of the most effective ways to test for heart disease, but they can also verify other types of heart problems. ECG machines can help predict the likeliness of a heart attack or other serious heart-related event. Doctors can then recommend exercise and diet habits to their patients that will help their heart get healthier but not put so much strain on it that could potentially cause damage. And for patients that have already incorporated some sort of health plan to help invigorate their heart's health, ECG medical equipment can be used to determine if the desired results are being achieved. They can then make the necessary adjustments to their treatment to keep reaching for the desired goals.

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