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Digital ECG Machine

Posted: 8/27/2014

The research and development department at Welch Technology Centre is reminiscent of a high-tech laboratory in a James Bond movie. This is understandable because behind the walls of this immense compound are hundreds of scientists and engineers working hard at developing emerging technologies for the worldwide medical industry. Among these novel technologies are new types of MRI machines, ECG machines, and various other sophisticated medical equipment of all kinds. Each morning it takes more a half an hour for the engineers, scientists, and software designers that work at the facility to pass through many layers of security. Thanks to their hard work, one product has now made its way into the marketplace. This is a newly designed digital ECG machine.

The new ECG machines are now smaller, faster, and cheaper to own. In addition, they can outperform all of the older models in their category. No one appreciates these attributes like the medical workers on the Northern Mariana Islands. Their budget shortcomings were overcome recently thanks in part to the savings they realized when purchasing new medical equipment that was designed at the WTC. The items they recently purchased include a new bedside cardiac monitor, a power heart AED, and a new digital ECG machine. The savings is going toward expanding the medical laboratory and radiology departments. The combined effect of having better health care equipment at lower costs is helping provide the citizens of the island with the newest technology while at the same time helping them improve the medical facilities.

On the other side of the world in America, the novel ECG machines and other types of new medical equipment are helping veterinarians save the lives our furry friends. Moreover, many cardiologists find their small size to an indispensable feature to have in their exam rooms. However, this new medical equipment like the digital ECG machine is also finding other useful purposes today. For instance, congenital cardiovascular disease is on the rise among young athletes. Some of them have suddenly dropped dead on the playing field. For that reason, the American Heart Association recommends a physical exam using the new digital ECG machine as part of an overall screening strategy to isolate youths that are at risk. The novel ECG machines are truly saving lives and reducing costs all over the world now thanks to the efforts of the WTC.

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