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ECG Waveform

Posted: 9/25/2014

When it comes to non-invasive medical equipment, an ECG machine is one of the most useful. The ability to read ECG waveforms is critical. Each part of an ECG waveform is an important part of accurate diagnostics. A clear and easily read ECG waveform display and tracing are some of the most important components to ECG machines. An important and necessary part of any medical equipment inventory, all types of ECG machines can provide accuracy of ECG waveform output.

An accurate ECG waveform is a function of the electrodes, internal and external stabilizers in the machine, and the quality of the amplifiers and buffers used by the machine, as well as accurate lead placement. Of course the more electrodes used, the clearer the picture of the heart's electrical activity, and, therefore, the more accurate the ECG waveform. And ideally, ECG machines provide both an oscilloscope to view the ECG waveform as it is monitored and a paper print out or computer connection to allow printing for thorough interpretation.

An ECG waveform would be very difficult to interpret without proper amplification. Today's machines both amplify and stabilize the ECG waveform tracing to increase accuracy even in the event of patient movement. ECG machines provide stable baselines and multiple amplification options for lower amplitude waveforms. They also incorporate computer memory to provide ongoing monitoring, interpretation options, and the ability to include patient information.

Whether your medical equipment needs to dictate a portable or stand alone ECG machine or use with computer, treadmill, or stress testing, a machine with 3-lead monitoring and 3-lead to 12-lead diagnostic capabilities provide the greatest versatility. Today's technology allows machines to computer interface. And this same technology allows quick interpretation of basic and common waveforms. Input patient information to ease charting and then later input information to save in your computer program or for e-mail use.

ECG waveform monitoring and waveform interpretation are both necessary for cardiac monitoring and ensure the best quality of care. As a vital part of your medical equipment, an ECG machine with the highest quality of ECG waveform output and interpretation quality is worth the capital outlay. Look for one that offers ease of use, quality graphics, and allows you to manage your patient information input. An ECG waveform is an important diagnostic tool. It is only as good as the ECG machine that provides it.

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