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ECG Rhythms

Posted: 10/9/2014

ECG rhythms are what ECG machines record to be analyzed by doctors to recognize indications of heart disease or some other type of coronary condition. This type of medical equipment can help save lives by spotting discrepancies in how the heart is functioning versus how it should be functioning.

ECG machines work by having 12 to 15 electrodes attached to various parts of the body including the chest, legs, and arms. They are placed on nerve centers that can detect the electronic impulses that the heart creates with each contraction and relaxation. The ECG machine records them and the results are displayed as ECG rhythms. These results are used by the doctor to determine if heart disease or some other ailment may be affecting the patient's health.

ECG rhythms are composed of three different types of waves. T waves are slow forming and indicate the ventricular renewal activity. QRS waves have a high amplitude and indicate the ventricular output. P waves have a short and low amplitude and measure the impulse of the atria which receives blood from the rest of the body.

Doctors use the output of this medical equipment to look for irregularities in how the heart is performing. If the ECG rhythms have abnormalities in the waves' duration, direction, or amplitude, they can then recommend further testing to get a much more specific idea of what is causing them. ECG machines are very useful in figuring out whether symptoms such as chest palpitations or pain are indicative or heart disease, but further tests such as nuclear stress testing or a catheterization will help get more in-depth results.

The ECG rhythms derived from a test where the patient is lying down will differ greatly from what is called a stress test. This involves the medical equipment being hooked up to a person while they walk or run on a treadmill. The ECG rhythms will alter as the need for oxygen from the hard work the body is going through increases. This can be a more accurate way of determining if there is any blockage that is causing the blood flow to slow down. Doctors can then recommend exercise or diet changes that will help the heart become more healthy without putting unnecessary strain on it. Early detection of coronary problems is important and ECG medical equipment can help you diagnose any problems.

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