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Veterinary ECG Machine

Posted: 10/24/2014

Veterinarian medical equipment is very similar to that used by human doctors. The ECG machines are no an exception. One of the biggest differences between a veterinary ECG machine and a human one is the interpretation software. An algorithm is used to interpret the output data into human, readable terms for the human doctor. Likewise, there are various software routines for cats and dogs. It takes the electronic data recorded by the ECG machines and puts it into terms that the vet can read. Human ECG software can have as many as 500 different variables.

However, there are hundreds of kinds of cats and dogs in existence. Each variety can have up to 50 different common cardiac abnormalities. Therefore, a vet must have a template for each kind of animal they treat. Obviously, this would require many templates. Nevertheless, the vet has the option to download the data instantly to a web-based server, which reads the data and interprets it. The data can then be saved as a file or manually recalled from the server when it needs to be reviewed. This marvelous technology helps the vet choose the right course of intervention for their patients.

Next, the similarities between the veterinary ECG machine and human ECG machines are numerous. They both use a cable to connect the electrode to the ECG medical equipment. They both provide an electrical interpretation of the heart using a combination of leads around the chest and limbs. The best feature of the veterinary ECG machine is the smaller size. However, as time goes by the human versions are also becoming smaller. They both share the ability for remote viewing. This saves the vet a lot of time. The assistants can perform the ECG using the exact medical equipment for the breed while the vet monitors the results from another location. This is done just like the human version.

The veterinary ECG machine is now used all over the world. It has become an indispensable piece of medical equipment assisting the diagnosis of many cardiac problems for animals. For that reason, single-lead hand held ECG machines are not being used when a full heart exam is not warranted. This can eliminate suspensions without having to stop their schedule to do an expensive and time-consuming ECG test. The hand-held models simply connect to the remote interpreting server using any Bluetooth device during a regular office visit.

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