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Portable 12 Lead ECG Machine

Posted: 10/23/2014

ECG or electrocardiogram is a diagnostic tool used to study, evaluate, and detect a multitude of heart-related abnormalities. It is a graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart whose interpretation allows diagnosing and treating of all major and minor heart problems. ECG machines are lifesaving medical equipment whose invention has been a benefit for mankind.

Introduced by Willem Einthoven in 1893, the standard 12 lead ECG has evolved over the years and is being used throughout the world. The portability of these equipments makes them extremely useful as they are now available in all small clinics and home nursing environments.

The portable 12 lead ECG machine is one of the smallest and lightest PC based 12 lead ECG machines on the market with the highest accuracy. This medical equipment allows resting ECG anytime anywhere. Portable 12 lead ECG machines are called 12 lead ECG as it examines the heart activity from 12 points of view, and it is highly required to monitor the heart from every aspect for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Monitoring the heart from a single or 2-3 points does not give a complete picture of what is happening in the heart.

The portable 12 lead ECG machine includes everything required to start testing of the heart. One can just connect it to the PC or laptop and begin the test, with quick results on the screen for assessment. The features of the portable 12 lead ECG machine are listed below.

- Portable 12 lead ECG machine uses the Louvaine analysis program which has the best accuracy compared to all major competitors.

- Reports are easy to understand and interpret as they are printed on standard paper.

- Reports can be zoomed with electronic calipers, necessary comments can be inserted, and required modifications can be done before interpreting the final result.

- The equipment automatically creates instant PDF and JPEG files of the report.

- The ECG data can be easily integrated into EMR via XML, HL7 etcetera and are available in a six-channeled, non-interpretive version.

- It is easily compatible with systems running on Windows 2000 or XP. It also runs on handhelds with pocket pc 2003.

The portable 12 lead ECG machines are must-have medical equipment by all big and small hospitals and clinics. It not only saves lives but also saves money for the hospital as it does not require much maintenance and calibration.

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